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Cheers To The Backbone of Our Success, Our Valued Clients

We just got back from the annual RE/MAX R4 conference in Las Vegas where we had the chance to celebrate our awards and success with RE/MAX agents from around the globe. I am big believer in celebrating all victories, big or small. Reflecting on an outstanding year in a crazy, unpredictable and volatile market, and a remarkable journey with The Fitzpatrick Team in 2023, leaves me brimming with pride and gratitude. As a leader, witnessing the dedication, expertise, and sheer tenacity of each team member has been nothing short of inspiring. Together, we’ve navigated challenges, celebrated victories, and continually raised the bar in the realm of real estate.

We set out with 5 annual goals for 2023 and I’m proud to announce we were able to achieve all of them: Pinnacle Team and the No. 1 RE/MAX team in RI for all four categories we qualify for. No. 1 Commercial Team. No.1 Luxury Team, No.1 Residential transactions and No.1 in Gross commissions.

To the backbone of our success - our valued clients - I extend my deepest appreciation. Your trust in us to guide you through your real estate endeavors is an honor we cherish. Your satisfaction fuels our passion and commitment to excellence. As we forge ahead here in 2024 , let us carry forward the ethos of collaboration, integrity, and relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. Cheers to our journey and the many triumphs that lie ahead! Thank YOU!


Joe Fitzpatrick


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