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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do For Buyers?

  1. homebuyer education & consultation

  2. explain buyer & seller agency relationships

  3. discuss property types

  4. understands current loan programs & buyer financing

  5. help obtain mortgage pre-approval

  6. conducts thorough property search based on buyer criteria.

  7. explains current market conditions

  8. research sellers property tax info

  9. research comparable sold properties make sure client is getting a fair price

  10. schedule & coordinates showings for buyers

  11. accompany buyers during visits, highlights pros and cons of property.

  12. investigates any unrecorded property easements

  13. verify homeowners association fees

  14. obtain a copy of hoa bylaws

  15. explain appraisal process and pitfalls

  16. explains property disclosures

  17. assist in preparing and submitting offers.

  18. presents offers to seller agent

  19. obtains and presents pre-approval letters and credible financing to seller agent

  20. offers experience in negotiating offers

  21. explain and review purchase agreements and relevant contracts.

  22. ensure the buyer understands all terms.

  23. coordinate inspections

  24. explains inspection report to the buyer

  25. negotiates inspection requests with the seller agent

  26. get all repair agreements in writing

  27. confirm clear-to-close

  28. coordinate closing times & location

  29. verify title company has all docs

  30. remind seller agent to transfer utilities

  31. resolve any title issues before closing

  32. receive and carefully review closing docs

  33. confirm repairs have been made

  34. attends closing

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The Fitzpatrick Team has trusted mortgage partners to provide you with an accurate mortgage you can afford, but also the education on the homebuying process. Not only will we help you understand your money, but we will help you find a home that’s perfect for your budget. 


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